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Mission and Vision

The mission of The Andi Foundation is to allow young women to fulfill dreams they never thought possible by following Andi’s example of drive, determination, hard work and passion.

The mission with be achieved by helping young women who need financial assistance to help achieve their education and career aspirations. Through college scholarships, New York City internships and housing assistance during the internships, we can help them to obtain their goals and live their dreams, just like Andi.

To donate via post, please send contributions to:
The Andi Foundation
P.O Box 416
Perry, Ohio 44081

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The Andi Foundation Members

  • President: Joe Zampini, Andi’s Brother in law
  • Secretary: Marci Zampini,  Andi’s Sister
  • Treasurer: Vicki Parhamovich, Andi’s Mom
  • Andre Parhamovich, Andi’s Father
  • Chris Parhamovich, Andi's Brother
  • Cory Parhamovich, Andi's Brother
  • Michael Hastings, Andi’s Fiancée
  • Jamie Horn, Andi’s Best Friend
  • Matthew Hiltzik, Andi’s Close Friend

    For more information, please email:

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